I think in general engineers tend to not care as long as people stay out of their way and follow procedure and use sound logic and back things with data.

Engineers hate working on things that data says won’t work, or just don’t make common sense. Engineers, while sometimes creative are very practical and programmatic by nature of their thought process.

The easiest way to piss of an engineer is to have a bad idea, have no data to suggest why it’s not a bad idea and to disrupt the current flow of activity. Do that, and you’re on the shitlist.txt file for life.

Come to the table and explain the logic behind the idea, the data behind it, what needs to be done to bring it to reality, and show you did your homework, and have a timetable that’s practical. More often than not, you’ll get a lot of engineering support.

Engineers love to be productive and work on winning things. Most have an overachiever complex to some degree. They hate to get on board the fail train. Most companies have more work than engineering resources. Think about it.

—Robert Accettura - How do engineers at tech companies feel about their non-engineer colleagues?